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About Anichem

Anichem is a pharmaceutical research and development organization located in central New Jersey. We provide integrated services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Our current main business focus is to develop novel small-molecule synthetic reagents and methodologies for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Based on our proprietary chemistries, the company's technology is focused on biologically-biased drug-like scaffolds, multifunctional building blocks used in diverse and target-oriented synthesis. These compounds provide researchers in drug discovery a rapid and reliable access to target molecules. We offer high quality, custom-made organic chemicals from gram to kilogram scales. We also provide custom synthesis and contract research service to our clients in order to support their drug discovery efforts.

Products and Services

Most of Anichem's synthetic chemists are Ph.D.'s who have come to us with post doctoral and/or previous industrial experience. As such, these scientists are very adept at designing new synthetic routes to target molecules as well as working on various scales. Together with our talented staff, we have all the tools necessary to enable us to support your medicinal chemistry needs, such as advanced analytical instrumentation (NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLCs), preparative HPLC, literature searching services, etc. Anichem has a proven track record in this area, from synthesis of analogs on milligram scale to the scale up of lead compounds.